Wiley Everything DiSC® Master Trainer

     朱德成(LAWSON CHU)

Lawson畢業于香港大學社會科學院,獲得社會科學學士學位後在英國LEICESTER大學獲得培訓管理碩士學位。師從Dr. David Freeman(澳大利亞臨床心理學博士)獲得了MBTI®(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)性格心理學培訓證書。他是香港Human Resources Management協會會員,在人力資源及培訓領域有十多年的從業經驗。同時,Lawson還是Wiley認證的 Everything DiSC® master trainer。 
其間,Lawson還任教於University of Surrey, University of Southern Queensland 及University of Portsmouth ,擔當商學院以及MBA的管理課程講師。他還曾擔任香港公開大學商學院的MBA講師。
Yahoo! 進入亞洲初期,Lawson主管Yahoo! 亞洲公司在亞洲地區的人力資源管理以及培訓工作,並負責創建Yahoo!在港臺地區、新加坡、中國和印度的分支機搆。他還成功地構建了Yahoo!亞洲網路媒體業務的HR管理策略和經營戰略,並提出各種戰略組織的學習發展模式。他曾組織Yahoo!臺灣的合併和收購交易,負責戰略規劃執行以及人員融合工作。Lawson用他極具創新性的眼光和方法,完成公司建立成功的全球互聯網品牌的使命。他的管理諮詢服務以及他麾下的團隊廣受好評,並高效顯著地提高了企業的經營效益。

Lawson Chu,  is an all-rounded and experienced professional in strategic management, human resources and learning consultancy.  He was the head of human resources functions in different business in Asia. To cope with the rapid expansion of different business, Lawson has solid experience in building organization and formulating strategies for people development.

Previously, Lawson was the Vice President – Human Resources of CommVerge Solutions as well as the Head of HR of Yahoo! Asia.  He has established the HR function and built the strategic management and operation team of worldwide telecommunication and Internet media business in Asia including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei & India. He formulated various solid strategies in particular on learning and organization development.  He had successfully led various merge and acquisition deals by planning and executing strategies on people and organization integration.  In contributing to the success of the worldwide Internet brand, Lawson has used an untraditional approach to achieve the company vision and mission.  His management consultancy and coaching service rendered to the regional executive management team was very well received in enhancing effectiveness and the results contributed directly to a very positive business performance.

In his past experience, Lawson acquired solid people management experience in the government of Hong Kong and Dragon Air. He was one of the pioneers in establishing the Employees Retraining Scheme when he worked in the Labor Department and he contributed to the success in building people and organization strategies for the fast growing airline all over Asia.  Having witnessed the change of business from traditional organizations to a highly dynamic environment in the e-generation, Lawson is able to think out of the box and uses his distinct ideas - both practical and academic - to render effective management consulting services to meet the needs of any organizations.

Lawson was graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree of Social Sciences and has obtained a Master Degree in Training. He is also an academic lecturer / course facilitator for different management courses for Bachelor and Master degree students in the Open University of Hong Kong, University of Surrey, University of Southern Queensland and University of Portsmouth. He is also an accredited facilitator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) certified by the Australian Psychological Press, as well as Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA®) and FIRO-B® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behavior ™). Especially, Lawson has been accredited as the master trainer of DiSC® because A.PLUS is the international authorized partner of Wiley’ DiSC®  in Greater China.



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